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What We Do Best

Has been servicing the Greater Bay Area and Central Valley since 1996.

Prefab. Roof and Floor truss supplier to residential and commercial developers, contractors, framers and home improvement experts.

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Target Groups

Architects and Engineers: They are the owners' representatives. They want visually pleasing and structurally sound products with solid cost effectiveness Inland Valley Truss (IVT) will work with these professionals at the inception stage to provide our views and recommendations to attain their goals; We will help them with truss specific information to complete their plans. We provide truss engineering calc's at little or no cost. Truss value engineering will be the key component that IVT can provide when the building design stage starts;

Builders/Developers: This group needs a team that can provide the best result for their investment. IVT will coordinate with job architect, job engineer, framer and representatives of related professions closely at early stages of projects; We will provide truss engineering packages for building permit purpose at a fee or at no charge if IVT is made part of the project team;

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